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We were contacted by an old client who had left their job at one of the UK's largest independent food groups to help them create a new company logo for a new venture in PR .When you're setting up a new company the pressure is always on to look as good as possible, even more so when you're a PR company; you have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. The brief was simple, create for them a simple, stylish and memorable logo that would give them the professional polish they needed to be taken seriously by new clients. They wanted a logo with a bit of character, not just a typographic logotype but a mark that would help to define their business clearly and quickly.
The first design we produced hit the nail squarely on the head. Sometimes it's like that with design, sometimes you get the right idea at the beginning of a project and both you and the client know it's all good. It's a great feeling and one that designers love. The new company logo and subsequent identity was a simple and witty icon that brought together the two main elements that were the focus of their business, food and drink in the form of a table for and a champagne flute. This was then paired with a modern and approachable typeface and warm colour palette which connected the brand with the good things in life. A simple, smart and fun creative identity that made people look twice.

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