British Seafood Group

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Our work with the British Seafood group of companies only came to an end when the group went into administration, but up until that point we looked after the entire account and serviced all companies within the group with all their design requirements. Much of the work we created was print based and split across high value, high quality print like marketing brochures, livery design, packaging design and exhibition design and low value fast turn around design for print for their lightning sales and special offers through their wholesale network and their outlet at Billingsgate Fish Market.
Regardless of the work we undertook for any of their companies (from an Irish foodservice company to a wet fish counter) the aim was to always deliver designs that ensured that they stood out from the crowd and where possible adhered to a highly recognised Red, White & Blue colour scheme for which they were synonymous.

Over the years we created a mountain of work (far too much to show on a website), from vehicle livery and advertising to product listings, brochures and exhibition stands, that always exceeded their expectations. Which is why, perhaps, they never looked for another creative partner. Great looking work and very varied work, delivered on time and always on budget.

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