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We were approached by Fox Print, one of the Midland's best digital print companies, to help them reinvent their company brand and give them a new identity that helped them look different from the usual print crowd and that gave them a strong visual brand that was modern and memorable.We were very excited as we were being given a carte blanche brief to breathe new live into a company brand and at the same time proactively design against the clichés already in the market. (You might be surprised that this is not actually the norm for a lot of design).
The final design for their new identity made use of both their name and bit of judicious illustration and strong, bold looking type to give them the kind of presence and punch they were looking for. Avoiding the usual cliches that plague print company identities (tick marks, CMYK blobs, etc etc etc) allowed us to create an identity that felt much more engaging and as a result, much more memorable. Moving on from the creation of the logo we began creating much more of a visible brand for the company and a voice and language that represented them as people much more closely.

As part of this process we also created a services brochure to encapsulate both what they stood for and believed in as well as the services they offered and technologies they used. This process allowed them to think about their business from a outsiders point-of-view for the first time in years, and reassess how they wanted to be perceived.

A great opportunity to remake themselves anew.

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