Unused Ideas

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The worst thing about creating things as a job is that we can never fully control what the final, client approved article will be from a range of given options. This is why we work so hard to ensure all the choices we give out clients are good, because we want to love what they choose. Also, there's times when even good ideas just don't happen for one reason or another. Either way, nice work that we love doesn't get used, but that's no reason not to be proud of what we created and no reason why we shouldn't get it out and give it an airing. To that end, here's a few examples of work which we really liked but just didn't get off the ground, make the cut or get the chance.
Herdl PR. Perhaps it's the weird looking black sheep with it's rather odd glowing face or just the fact it felt like a cool brand, maybe for a skate brand or an active sports clothing company, that should exist, either way it's always been there, sitting in a corner of out consciousness telling us it is cool and please. don't throw me away. So we won't and here it is in all its weird mutant glory.

JSP Interiors. The brief was to create a new identity for the interior design consultancy but the project was canned. The downside the work never got to see the light of day. The upside, we created a few really nice identity in the process. It managed to combine a few main themes of the business quite successfully in a nice interesting mark in the dripping chair and a simple, unfussy and classic typeface that ads to the overall feel of quality, taste and style. It has always been one of our favourite failures.

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