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We were asked by a small PR firm to help them rebrand their business. It needed a fresh new look, a sharper image that better reflected the market it worked in and also that of the members of the business. They came to use with some loose ideas, a feel for a colour scheme but little else. We set about looking at a variety of designs that would give them a new look and a more defined idea of what their business was about and how others saw it.
The final identity was a marriage of simplicity and strength. A powerful fuchsia colour scheme, a strong, simple and iconic device and a typeface that was, approachable, modern and warm. The perfect execution of a great looking identity for a funny sounding company. From this point we took the look and feel from the new identity and used it to drive the design of the company website, keeping it simple, full of character and focused on content. We even helped them copy write the content to ensure that the whole brand felt unified and consistent.

Herdl are no longer doing their PR thing but the end results still look as good today as when we first designed them

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