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Off the back of a very successful identity creation project for The Bank of TMC, we were asked to help them develop ideas and designs for print promotional materials that would be printed by the city council in-house printer. Whilst the brief changed a few times during the duration of the work (as their requirements developed), the end goal remained the same; create a range of printed items that promoted the services in an eye catching manner but most importantly helped explain the services that the Bank offered in a clear and simple manner. The materials, just like the creation of the identity had to follow a few simple rules and include TMC DNA in the design but crucially, just like the Bank's identity, it also had to have a look and feel all of its own. This had to be applied to what would become the final brief requirements of a set of case study cards telling the story of real young entrepreneurs, a roll fold leaflet, a range of FAQ sheets and a range of internal letterheads set up in Microsoft Word® to allow them to have a professional look without the cost of fully printed letterheads.
The final execution of the work brought together all of the clients requirements by creating a range of materials that gave the Bank a very cohesive, fresh and attractive look and brilliantly represented the Banks core message about its services but also connected it to the parent TMC branding. Elements from the TMC printed and online materials were sympathetically integrated into the work allowing it to retain it's own look whilst ensuring that the TMC DNA played a part across the materials. A bright, fresh colour palette, well written and focussed copy, engaging photography and illustration all came together under the newly created banner of 'Made By And For Young People'. This single statement was created for the work to help define the Bank and highlight a point of difference from many other youth development services. The end result, a very happy client and a range of promotion materials that exceeded expectations.

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