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Just like the consumer sector since the 1950's, there has been an explosion in branded products in the foodservice sector over the last 15 years or so. It's no longer a market occupied by white boxed goods from makers you don't know and brands you don't recognise; it's a vibrant, dynamic market that's now full of big name brands (both consumer and commercial catering ones) looking to catch the eye of the buyer and become the leader in their segment. When Visual Foods Limited wanted a new identity for their new chicken brand 'Chicken Primo' they knew that they would be up against some of the biggest names in the business.

So the challenge was set. We had to create a new brand identity that would be able to take on both the market leaders and stand up next to them without looking inferior whilst at the same time it had to look and feel different to the other brands and stamp it's own sense of individuality into an already crowded market. A tough job but that's what we like; a challenge brings out the best in people and it's no different with designers.
Working closely with the client, we went through a huge cycle of design and development which included changing of the brand name on more than one occasion until we arrived at the final choice which felt right for the market, was different enough from the competitors but familiar enough to attract early adopters. Tiger Primo became the name of the brand, next came the creation of its identity.

The key to the creative execution was to create an identity that would be highly visible, very flexible and commanded attention. The final design brought all the requirements together and it looked the business. A strong colour scheme which was aimed at the Indian market (part of the clients requirements), highly legibility driven through both it's strong, bold type but also through the shape of the mark and to accompany it, packaging design that whilst not being the most exciting in the world, ticked all of the boxes for customer recall and in-store visibility.

An unforgettable logo for an unmistakable brand.

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