CRC – Community Research Company

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Stemming from our working relationship with Herdl, we were approached by CRC (community research company), a not for profit company specialising in training for service users and customers in social research. We were asked to help them create a range of printed materials including surveys designed to be more engaging (and more likely to be filled in) for the homeless youth sector and a new company brochure designed to explain what CRC do.
In both of these cases we helped them source inexpensive illustration that would be used in the designs but could then also be used going forward in house. In the case of the brochure we also looked into creating a single, simple statement which encapsulated exactly what CRC do which would then form part of a stronger brand identity as they continued to grow.

At the beginning of 2012 CRC stopped operating as the partners pursued other projects but the work we created still stands out in their sector as being memorable and effective.

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