LWA (living without abuse)

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When we were approached by Loughborough Women's Aid they had a few things already in mind. The first thing was that they wanted to rebrand themselves, dropping the geographic elements in their name and changing it to LWA (living without abuse). This change meant that they could stop being seen as a local service and begin offering their services to a much wider field, more closely mirroring their online offering. With their new identity the wanted to try and avoid all of the usual clichés in the abuse support sector and look modern, bright and professional. They also wanted to avoid an identity which was too feminine as their new structure and aims meant that they would be offering support and help to any victim of abuse rather than as previously, just women. The new identity kept all of this in mind and finally arrived at a design that kept all of the stakeholders happy whilst answering the brief requirements. Fresh and modern with an approachable and positive colour palette but with a authoritative and trustworthy feel.
From creating the new identity we then took aspects of the new look and applied it to the design of their new website. Just like the identity, we focused on creating a site that avoided the clichés and presented a positive face to those suffering abuse and messages and imagery that reaffirmed the notion that change is possible and that LWA can help anyone make their lives better. To ensure that they could continue to build on the initial site and keep the look and feel going in the right direction, we supplied them with a library of royalty free images that had been purchased inline with the initial site design. We finished off the project by creating all their stationery.

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