About Studio ROKIT

A little bit about studio ROKIT and what makes us tick.

Hi. Welcome to our website. Trying to weave a wonderful story about how Studio ROKIT came about, how it is completely different from every other creative company and how it 'focuses on clients needs', 'delivers amazing results' and 'believes in quality' isn't going to set your world on fire or help us convince you that we're great to work with. Everyone rolls out the same song and dance, just look at how they advertise washing powder. So we're going to sit this one out.
Instead, how about we let you know what makes us tick? It should be more interesting... As a small company (there's currently just one of us and we came from a big agency background) we like looking after people because we like good service ourselves. It's not just our design agency background that gives us this perspective, if we made cakes, repaired cars or balanced books we'd do it in the same way. It's nice to look after people well. It makes them happy and they come back.

We love working on all sorts of design related projects. We especially like the ones that are interesting, not necessarily well paid. You might think this sounds a little odd, "yeah, right... surely you're in this to make money?" you're asking yourself, and the answer is yes, we're in business to make money, BUT if you're lucky you can also be in business, make money AND do things that interest you or just pushes your buttons. Our work for 38 Degrees is a great example of stuff we loved doing for not a lot of lolly.

We don't like to slavishly follow trends. Since the web arrived some years ago it's now easier than ever to spot a trend when it arrives on the 'scene'. Suddenly everything is ribbons or smooth brush scripts or 3 shades of brown. Sometimes they look good, sometimes they don't. We'd rather create work that looks like it's own thing rather than a version of someone else's work.

We think good copy writing is a truly wonderful thing.

We love BBC Radio 4 because it's the only station in the world that doesn't pander to it's audience. It's quite happy doing it's own thing. A rare thing in the media.

We don't believe that distance or timezones are an obstacle to working with anyone anymore.

So, that's all for now. If you want to find out more have a look on our blog to see what bee is currently in our bonnet or what thing has inspired us, or get in touch. We're nearly always available by phone or email.

Thanks for dropping by.