Work With Us

Working with Studio ROKIT might be the best business experience you

Never used a designer before? Don't worry, it's not so scary. Had enough of your current creative partner? We're here to put that spring back in your step.

Either way, whether you're new to this whole design thing or an old hand, we'd love to meet you and work on whatever project you have. Big or small, B2B, B2C or Third Sector we don't judge work on it's size, perceived importance or politics. We know that it's important to you and that's that makes it important to us.
Before you get in touch...
Having a good idea of what you're after isn't always possible, sometimes you've got a vague idea and it's our job to help you get that idea out of your head and into a something resembling a brief. We prefer it though if you have a reasonable idea of what you're after. So, take a few minutes or hours to get your thoughts down in a form that anyone can understand before you get in touch. We always find that this is the best way to start anything - knowing the basic outline of what you want is the best way to get what you want.

Get in touch
Looking at our portfolio is the best way to understand the kind of work we do but it's never the whole story. We can't put everything we've ever done online (it would take too long) so don't be disappointed if there's no direct examples of the kind of work you're after. Just because it isn't there doesn't mean we can't help. Now, you've had a look through the portfolio get in touch. So, either pick up the phone and call us on 07521 406710 or drop us a line by filling in our email contact form. If you email us we'll try and get back to you the same day.

We'll give you an estimate
Once we have a good, clear idea of what you want we put together an estimate. Our estimates are as simple as we can make them, we don't do hidden costs and if there's a cost element that we can't price as this stage we tell you. From there the rest is up to you. If you like the price and like our work then, in the immortal words of Bob Marley, "let's get together". If the estimate is bigger than your budget don't worry, we believe in talking, being flexible and always trying to find a way of working with people. It's always better to look for a solution that to turn your back.

What we design for you is yours
The question of ownership pops up every now and again and we have a very simple approach to it. Whatever we create for you as a finished item, is yours. Simple as that.

We try to keep things as simple as possible here at Studio ROKIT and that includes how we invoice for work. For most work an invoice is submitted on completion. On jobs taking a long time we may part invoice. Our terms of service are payment within 30 days of the invoice date. We prefer online payments (because it is easier for everyone) but we accept cheques. If there's an issue with payment tell us up front and we'll see how we can help.