A brief overview of some of Studio ROKIT's creative output. Enjoy.

At Studio ROKIT we're the first to admit that keeping our site up to date isn't the most important job on our list of things to do. Our clients always come first so, our site, whilst it's nice to fill it with new work hot of the press, won't always be super fresh.
Saying that we do try to put up a wide range of work that helps illustrate what we do and have done, how we do it and how it was received. Have a look through the current crop, if the kind of thing that you're interested in isn't here why not get in touch and see if we've done something similar.

If it doesn't look like we have done exactly the thing you want to see from us, don't worry - it doesn't mean we can't do it; rather we haven't had the chance to do it yet. Enjoy.