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Power and Energy Monitors Limited approached us through our close friends at Anicca Solutions to help them create new branding for their company that both gave tem a stand alone, professional image but also tied them visually to their parent company - Trans-Euro Engineering. The parent company already had a well defined look which was well recognised in its market so the closer the new identity looked the better but it still had to offer something different. A difficult balancing act.
The final design for the identity, whilst not being able to move too far away from the family look and feel still managed to have it's own sense of independence. We introduced a new colour scheme which followed the subtle gradients found in it's parents company logo but which gave it a stand alone feel and also helped drive the subsequent design of their services brochure. The end result managed to strike the balance; the parent company felt comfortable with the new divisions new look and the new division felt like they looked different enough so that they were not under their parent company's shadow.

A good result all round.

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