Anicca characters

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As part of the identity redesign and rebranding of Anicca Digital we were asked to help them create a range of characters to help distinguish and define their four main commercial services. Their services, whilst understood by the technically proficient client, needed to be given a more approachable, accessible feel for ones new to the world of online business. The following services needed character - SEO and Content Creation, Pay-Per-Click campaign creation & management, Website technical design and build and Creative front end design and identity and branding.
The final execution of the new little Anicca characters kept things simple and light hearted to perfectly compliment and balance their new businesslike identity. Each character represented the service they stood for by presenting them with a few props to help better explain what was involved in the service. For example, the 'Design' service character had a huge pencil for creating ideas, the 'Techie' character responsible for building websites had a big spanner, the simple visual props acting as shorthand to a much more complicated reality. The colour scheme was kept simple too, following the Anicca signature blue, white or black allowing the characters to sit within any Anicca materials and look completely at home and part of the overal design.

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