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Tim from Internet Reptile came to use through our great friends at Anicca Digital the help him update his website, it was looking a bit tired and was being outgunned by the competition. The site was already a leading online destination for reptile food, especially live food and also had a growing trade in reptile accessories. What it needed was a look that put it back on top and leading the pack. It needed to be fresh, bright and inject more of the corporate colour into the site and also be much easier to use. In short he wanted what everyone wants, something better. Lucky for Tim that's what we do, and after a very informative briefing we knew what we had to do and also learned a lot about the reptile keeping UK public in the process (there's as LOT of them!). During this discussion we also brought up something which they had overlooked which we felt was essential to ensuring that the redesign was as successful as possible, their current logo. It needed a bit of TLC, it looked tired and old and we instinctually knew that if they wanted a great looking site, the logo had to fit in with the overall design too.
The final design for the site was a huge success. Starting with their existing logo we gave it a cosmetic overhaul, redrew the lizard mark, chose a more robust typeface and generally gave it some much needed attention. The result wasn't a million miles away from the original but the overall effect was immediate. The brand looked new and snappy and we knew then that the site design we had planned would look just right. The site design built directly on the new brushed up brand identity. Lots of white where we could, lots of space and an easy to navigate UI. The final result ticked all the boxes for the client, they greater control of the content, easier, more powerful control over their product inventory and better feedback from their customers. All things considered, a success which ever way you cut it.

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