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We were approached by Brittany Travel (part of the French Coast Villas group of companies) to help them initially redevelop their website from end and create a more attractive and welcoming online environment for their customers. Their current website was looking very old, tired and cramped and needed to be brought up to date. After talking for some time we all quickly realised that to improve the website meant we had to do something about their current logo. There was no point in having a nice looking website if the logo remained as it was; it had to change. With a predestined colour scheme and the name set in stone we had little creative room for maneuvering, it became a job of gently re-imagining the brand rather that redesinging it. A carefully considered nip and tuck rather than a full body lift.
The final execution was more of an evolution than a revolution but sometimes this is exactly what is needed. We adjusted the typeface slightly and brought a little bit more weight to it with a slightly better cut font and then created the seagull mark to bring a bit of life to it; a coastal essence and a feeling of travel. The rebranding exercise for Brittany was a huge success, so successful that the other parts of the company were quickly brought inline with the new Brittany identity. Susan Paradise, Brittany's sister company, was given the same creative treatment, their brand was reformed into the new family look and their website was completely overhauled and brought inline with the design used for the Brittany website.

Finally, we completed the job by bringing the parent company, French Coast Villas inline with that of it's trading brands. The end result was a exactly what they needed, a consistent, recognisable look and feel, a more attractive and easier to use web presence and a more professional corporate image. C'est magnifique.

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