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Coming up with a nice logo is something that all designers love to do. We loved doing this one. We were asked by a freelance journalist and copy writer to help her create a new identity that not only gave her a strong look but also had a bit of her personal character about it. Her business was driven by her effervescent and outgoing character and this and the fact that it was all about words had to come across. It may sounds simple but getting a authentic sense of an individuals character or a company ethos into something as simple as a logo can be more tricky that you could believe.
Thankfully in this case we nailed it. The final execution shamelessly took a little inspiration from the iconic iD Magazine identity and also the modern day emoticons and used the cap D to full effect in creating an identity that was both fun but also accurately reflected her as both an individual and also as the business.

Always happy, positive and with something to say.

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