Giving Back

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As part of a wider project with LWA (living without abuse), a charity that specialises in supporting victims of violence and abuse, we were asked to create a logo and wider branding for a new online giving and donation website called Giving Back. The site concept was quite simple; to offer a similar type of service to both Virgin's money giving website and but because unlike many other sites operating in this sector, it was owned by a charity and would take a smaller cut of the charitable giving whilst any profits would be used to support an affiliated charity.

In short, a better deal for everyone involved. What it needed was an identity that could stand up in an increasingly busy marketplace, stand out from the crowd and offer an authentic, attractive image that people would trust and remember.
The final execution was chosen from a shortlist of very strong designs, pipping other great looking proposals to the post. It brought together a vibrant colour scheme which helped set the scene for the brand as a whole and married it to a dynamic returning arrow device and strong, friendly typography. Into this we also created a tagline for the entire platform designed to encapsulate what they stood for to the public. The end result, a brand that looked and felt established, trustworthy,bright, positive and approachable. All the things it needed to be to make the right impression the first time it was seen and every single time after that.

Moving on from the creation of the identity, we then worked with LWA and the Anicca Digital team and began creating a website design that would reflect all of the brands core values and come across as bright, vibrant and straight forward. The design was driven by a wish to look different from the 'others' and also be easier to use. The final site design combined a vibrant colour scheme, strong branding and a very in-depth technical design and build which delivered on all of the client's requirements.

A huge project, a tiny budget, successfully delivered.

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