The Bank of TMC identity

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It's always nice to get involved with projects that have the potential to make a big difference, The Bank of TMC identity was one such job. We were approached by one of Leicester's most dynamic and proactive social change charities The Mighty Creatives (TMC) to help them create a new identity for a part of their organisation called The Bank of TMC. The Banks mission was to act as a business focused wing of the TMC, to help young entrepreneurs work through ideas and help them launch their creative businesses with both financial aid and professional business mentoring. They had already looked at the identity in-house with a focus group of young people but it just wasn't working, it needed a fresh pair of eyes and someone not inside the organisation to help them find the right look and feel. The brief was relatively simple, the new identity for the Bank had to combine a fun and approachable feel which wouldn't put off young people by being too 'businessy' but it also had to look professional and business like and project an image of an organisation that was serious about what it did, authority without being authoritarian. On top of this we also had to include some sort of family DNA with the Mighty Creatives main brand identity, to ensure that it was seen as an extension of their organisation and part of a much bigger picture.
The final execution of the new identity was created after an internal consultation driven by it's real stakeholders - the young people who would be both using the service but also acting to promote it to their pier groups. The TMC DNA was central to the new identity design as defined by the brief, but introduced in a subtle way, allowing the new identity to feel like it's own thing, rather than an identity cobbled together from bits of another logo. We combined both a core shape found within the parent brand and a shortened colour palette to form the basis of the new identity and onto this we introduced and new typeface to more accurately promote and reflect a more serious and businesslike feel. The final touch was to split the new identity out into 3 separate colour ways. This colour splitting mirrored the Bank's offering of 3 services, Tools, Mentoring and Cash and would help drive the design of subsequent promotional materials. Near completion, the new identity was presented to possibly it's hardest critics, the young entrepreneurs, the acid test. Thankfully we had do our job well and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The focus group felt that it was 'spot on' and had the right balance of both approachability and authority and crucially, looked 'cool' too.

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