Il Gyeong International

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Il Gyeong International Limited are one of South East Asia's leading seafood processing companies, dealing with a huge network of diverse brands and food companies around the world. From our experience working with many foodservice companies in the UK (including the now defunct British Seafood Group of Companies) and through mutual contacts, we were approached by them to help them develop a more westernised, simpler looking brand identity.

The main requirement was that the new identity should give them an international look that better reflected their global operations and that was simple and strong enough to work on letterheads as well as packing crates in warehouses. Strong, business-like and flexible with a look that allowed it to feel like it had 'been around for a few years.'
The final execution was the result of looking at a wide variety of options and then slowly stripping them back to some very basic elements to ensure that the end result was simple and strong but had a strong sense of big business about it. The client was hugely pleased with the end results as it finally gave them the new look and feel they had been searching for.

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