Parry Catering Equipment

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Our relationship with Parry Catering Equipment, one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional catering equipment has been a long one. When we first began working with them some years ago, their company image sold them short. They were not taken seriously by the buying market and often overlooked in favour of much more visible and, arguably more aspirational brands from the big global players in the market. This was a problem but a problem but thankfully only a problem of perception as their products, whilst not being as 'cool' as the competitor's nearly always offered better value, a better long term investment and performed better to boot. What we had to do was help Parry look every bit as good as their products performed.
From our first redesign of their marketing materials (which initially concentrated solely on their product catalogue) the benefits were immediately obvious, leading to an uplift in sales in the first 6 months of over 40%. From that point onwards we have invested a lot of time and energy in helping Parry build their brand profile through many avenues, the most obvious of these being their product catalogues and wide range of support materials. Their brand has been carefully nurtured and continually developed and it's overall image, through the work we have created for them, has meant that it is now seen as a serious player and on a par with much bigger, more expensive brands in their sector. They're our favourite client example of how sensible investment in good design can change a business for the better in a very short time.

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