Tax Dodger

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Working with 38 Degrees and helping the campaign team whenever needed a design hand meant that sometimes we didn't need to 'design' so much as offer our services as very fast artworkers to ensure that deadlines for broadsheets advertising was met or that billboard artwork was created correctly. Their Tax Dodging campaign was already conceptually formed but needed to be brought together professionally and very quickly. We rebuilt the concept artworks from the ground up, getting everything ready for press, meaning that when we heard the word GO! it was ready to hit the presses and make the greatest impact in the most timely manner.
On top of the press and billboard advert artwork, we also created a very realistic dummy Financial Times for 38 Degrees to use in front of the UK media. The dummy paper had to look completely convincing, same size, colour, typeface, the whole nine years. So...we created a doppelganger that on first inspection looked like the real deal, but with a closer look by anyone it became obvious it was part of the campaign story; the entire papers front and back page was covered in 38 Degree copy and adverts.

Fun, subversive design with a practical point.

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