MYRIAD CEG Wind & Solar

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MYRIAD CEG Limited are one of the UK's leading renewable energy technology companies, supplying wind turbines, biomass boilers, solar PV and heat pumps to the UK commercial and residential markets. We were approached by both their Wind division which specialises in wind based renewable energy systems and their Solar PV division to help them both raise their profile in their print advertising output and also create a more consistent, higher impact, higher quality overall vision for all of their print offers.
The new designs refocused their offering by concentrating on a stronger headline than they had previously been used to using and an improved layout designs that allowed for greater flexibility for both brands. We also took greater control of both their corporate colour scheme to help drive recognition and beefed up their copy writing to increase impact and presence. The real test was in the wild, however. Feedback from the client for both ad styles was very positive and the advertising had the desired effect in all of the publications it appeared in.

A great example of making the right changes to get the right results.

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