About Gareth Edwards

A very short history of Gareth Edwards - the man behind Studio ROKIT.

Some kids wanted to be footballers, other nurses, or undertakers or accountants, some even wanted to become politicians (god help us all). I only wanted to do something arty. From an early age it was plasticine®, crayons, colouring pencils, craft paper and funny looking pictures. I got the art bug early and it stayed with me right up to the point where I had to decide what to do with my life in my teens. It turned out that design was what I'd been looking for all along, it appeared to me that it was the most attractive of the arts as it allowed me to be creative AND make a living.
For nearly 20 years I have been learning how to be a better designer, a better artist, a better thinker and a better communicator.

It began in earnest with a formal design education; a foundation course in Art & Design at DeMontfort University, continued with a Degree in Graphic Design at the Univerity of Derby and developed professionaly with a stint in London and then at my first real job as a budding designer at a midlands agency called HBR Creative. I worked my way up from a Junior to a shareholding Director. I learnt a lot, I worked very hard for a lot of cool local, national and international companies and the lessons I learnt I took with me when I went solo in 2008.

Since then my education has continued. I’ve learnt how to run my own business. I’ve learnt it’s hard work, nobody else will answer the phone, contact the clients or do the invoicing. But, like all things in life that are hard, it’s true to say they are generally quite rewarding too. And running my own business and looking after my clients is just that.

I believe in working hard for my clients. I work as hard for my clients as I would expect a designer to work for me if I went to them for help. It's this simple approach to how I work that has kept me busy and clients coming back. I also like to avoid bullshit (excuse my french) because all it does is make a fool of people and nobody deserves to be made a fool of. I believe in straight talking, good honest advice, offering help where I can and putting a clients need front and centre.

That's me. Gareth Edwards. Nice to meet you.