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We were approached by a startup venture to help them create a professional and modern looking identity for their new company which specialised in designing and implementing intelligent site access software for the UK construction industries and other industries where site access needed to be monitored in real time.As a startup they were conscious about looking serious about their business and in control of both their own image and the look and feel of their products.

All of these aspects had to be taken into account when we began creating their new company identity and also afterwards when we created the branding for their software products.
The final execution of the company's new identity most importantly, impressed the client. In fact they were more than pleasantly surprised by all of the proposed identity designs saying "We'd have been happy to use any of the design submitted, all you've done is make out job harder by giving us too many good ideas to choose from." Always a nice position to be in.

After some debate the final, preferred design was chosen. It combined their need to include a star motif into the design along with a sense of motion and all wrapped up in a clean, modern, simple look and complemented with a very simple colour palette. Once this initial phase had been completed we used core elements of the new company identity to guide and influence the development of the brand identities for their software products. Starting with their flagship product 'Polestar', we created something that had a strong family look and feel but which was equally strong enough to stand on its own.

A very solid, modern and established looking identity and wider branding that was the perfect answer to their brief requirements.

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