Cocoro Babywear

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As designers we all look forward to working on fun projects, it just makes our job more pleasurable (it's a pretty pleasurable job mostly, but you take our point). When we got the opportunity to work with a new client designing a new identity for a Japanese baby clothing brand Cocoro Style, we knew it was going to be special.

The company was the brainchild of Tomono Davies, a new mother who wasn't overly happy with conventional baby clothing. Too fiddly, hard to put on and hard to take off (and if you have dressed a baby you know that this is the case) and most of it pretty average looking. Her answer to this problem was to design a range of kimonos for babies.
Creating the new identity for the company and the wider brand took into account both western and japanese conventions of style and design and combined them into single whole that felt both authentic and japanese whilst at the same time familiar and western. To inject more fun into the design we created 2 brand characters complete with typical japanese animal costumes, each one representing one of her 2 children.

The end result was an identity that could grow with her company regardless of how big it became and flexible enough so it could be applied to clothing as embroidered labels. A brilliant outcome and a beautiful brand.

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